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We're dedicated to buying and selling meats that are directly traceable to the production source. Why is that important for the consumer? Many butcher shops and grocery stores use pre-processed meats from industrialized factories. It's hard to get a straight answer whether or not their suppliers used hormones, steroids, antibiotics, or other exotic methods in the course of raising the animals. Frankly, it's hard to know what exactly is in the meat you buy from most outlets.

Before opening the doors to Hofherr Meat Co., we went to great lengths to seek out and visit family-run farms throughout the Midwest, particularly in Illinois,  Wisconsin, Indiana, and Michigan. As a result of years of dedication to our research, we've constructed a carefully orchestrated supply of humanely-raised animals. The result? Hofherr Meat Co. carries the very finest meats possible, without compromise or exception.

the meat

Because Sean began his career in the food industry as a chef, his vision for Hofherr Meat Co. revolves around helping customers create restaurant-quality meals in their own homes. Accordingly, we stock a standard selection of uncooked steaks, chops, and poultry. Depending on season and availability, we offer a variety of specialty game including venison, buffalo, rabbit, and more. If the season calls for it, we'll have it. Are you having a hard time finding a particular product? Give us a call and we'll be happy to track it down for you.

specialty Items

We take immense pride in our handcrafted, mouthwatering charcuterie. At any given hour, one of our team members is carefully preparing sausage, ham, pâté, and other cured offerings. The shop has a traditional deli counter with meats and cheese ready for slicing, as well as a floor-to-ceiling rotisserie oven for chicken, ribs, and other delicious items as they become available. We also carry a variety of carefully selected dry goods, dairy items, produce, and drinks. Every single product in our store was ordered with a special purpose in mind. It would make our day if you asked us to explain a particular item to you.


Our passion for barbecue borders on zealotry. Regardless of the time of year, we carry an impressive selection of hard-to-find charcoal, wood chips, rubs, and sauces. We have relationships with the very best suppliers in the barbecue business, from legendary hotbeds throughout the South, to local artisans who share our dedication to quality and authenticity. We're a one-stop shop for advice about competition-level techniques, serving size recommendations, and delectable recipes for the grill.


off-site events

We provide a wide range of off-site food options designed to exceed your expectations. We've done it all, from catering private events, to whole pig backyard roasts, to buffets for business meetings, to picnic baskets for concerts at Ravinia and Millennium Park. Next time there's a big game, allow us to wow your friends and family with one of our game day or tailgate spreads.

Because each event has its own particular needs, we don't believe in a generic catering menu. Rather, Sean would prefer to meet with you in person for a thorough consultation. He will consider your tastes, event type, location, and budget, then our dedicated staff will execute a custom plan to satisfy your needs down to the very last detail.


Do you own a pizzeria? A restaurant? A catering company? We're veterans of the food service business. We know how much you have on your mind. Why worry about the quality of the meat you're serving your customers on top of all the things that go into running a thriving business? From pepperoni, to sausage, to steaks and chops, we'd love to supply your kitchen with products that will surpass the standard of excellence your customers deserve. Feel free to call us or stop by the shop for a tour of our facility, and let us show you what we can do to help.


Hofherr Meat Co. is more than just a store. The space was purposefully designed with a broad number of uses in mind. By day, we're a butcher shop, lunch stop, and deli. By night, we can transform into a specialized cooking school. We're also the perfect size for intimate gatherings, small family parties, and moms' or dads' nights out. Swing by the shop and see for yourself why we're a terrific option for hosting your next party.

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