- From the pantry - 

Rockwood Charcoal

Rockwood Chips and Chunks​​

Pok Pok Than Charcoal

Pig Ears - FOR DOGS!

Cuitaloche - Corn Mushroom

​​17th St. Sauces:

      Mike's Original
      Little Kick

      Apple City Red
Lillie's Q BBQ Sauces: 

    Hot Smoky



​     Ivory



Suckerpunch Bread Butter Pickles
McClure's Pickles:  Bread & Butter,
   Garlic Spears, Spicy Spears
​House Hot Giardinera

Peach Salsa
​Jalapeno Cherry Salsa

House Pickles

* Condiments *



AJ and Ethan's BBQ
17th Street Magic Dust

Red Boat Salt


​Uncle Dougie's:
    Sweet n' Snappy
    Sweet Luv'N
    Sneaky Spicy
    Smokin' 'Potle,

    Sweet Ginger Buzz
    Bang-Yum Chipotle 
​    Wicked Good Wing Marinade

    Kung-Fused Asian Marinade

House Cocktail Sauce

Spice House: Chicago Steak,
   Back of the Yards, & Brisket
    of Love, Rib Rub, Gateway to
    the North

Tellicherry Peppercorns 
Icelandic Sea Salt

* Crackers and Chips *

Uncle Dougies: Downright Tasty, Sweet
      n Spicy, & Deliciously  Spicy

Lillies Q: Carolina Dirt and Q-Rub 
House Brine Seasoning Mix

Gibson's Seasoning Salt

Donkey Chips 
​El Milagro Tortillas

Local Folks Foods:
      Tomato & Herb Marinara
     Mushroom Pasta Sauce
     Enchilada Sauce
     Fresh Garden Salsa: Mild                     & Medium

​​     Apple Butta BBQ Sauce

Coop Hot Sauce

Crystal Hot Sauce

Cajun Chef Hot Sauce
​Apple Bacon BBQ Sauce

Enzo's Extra Virgin Olive Oil
​Blis Maple Syrup
Blis Truffle Oil

Prepared Horseradish

Habanero Pepper Jelly
Cherry Habanero Jelly

* Sauces *

​Mother-in-Law Kimchi

Kewpie Mayo

Duke's Mayo

​Mint Jelly

Cranberry Sauce
​Bacon Jam

* SpiceS & Rubs *

Great Lakes Chips

     Original, Sea Salt and Vinegar, 
     Buffalo, ​BBQ, Dill Pickle
      Sea Salt, Pepper and Onion

​​​​​Hofherr Meat Co.

300 S. Happ Rd.

Northfield, IL


Store Hours

Tuesday - Sunday

Curbside & Delivery



Lobster Stock (F)

Smoked Salmon

Vegetable Stock (F)

Sockeye Salmon (F)

​Wild Atlantic Salmon (F)

Lonesome Stone Mill Flour:
    All Purpose and Whole Wheat

Funny Farm Mac and Cheese

Mullen's Apple Sauce: Original & Sugar-Free

Mushroom Gravy
​Two Fat Guys BBQ Sauce: Mild,
   Mustard, Smoky, Spicy, Lava, &

​St. Elmo's Spicy Cocktail Sauce

Durkee's Sauce
Sriracha Sauce
The Brinery Sriracha

​​​​Horseradish Sauce​
Gator's Wing Sauce
Slatherin' Wing Sauce